7 simple ways to add serenity to your life in as little as 5 minutes

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Are you adjusting to a new work environment, like your living room, but you can’t stay focused?

Have you recently expanded your family, and the weight of the increased responsibility has all fallen on you?

Do you lay in bed every morning staring at the ceiling, instead of greeting each day as a new opportunity?

After years of trying to find time for yourself, does that now seem impossible?

Let’s change your life.

In as little as five minutes, you can give yourself a boost, elevating your body’s natural ability to feel good, which makes each day brighter.

Here are my top seven tips for resetting your mood and adding the serenity you crave:

  1. Start off strong

The first five minutes of your day set the tone. A simple gratitude exercise wires your mind to be open and accepting of new, fresh energy.

Shifting your focus to positive thoughts, no matter how small, starts the process. Think about three things you are grateful for today.

What about your life makes you happy?

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Write your thoughts in a journal to create a visual reminder for days when you need a boost.

Not sure how to get started? Try saying this simple phrase:

I am grateful for all that I have, and I am grateful for all that I will receive today.

2. You’ve got to move it, move it

Energy collects in corners and tight spaces. Refresh your home or office by moving items around, freeing the energy up to circulate. The simple act of rearranging items on your desk, or on your shelves, signals your brain that changes are happening.

Try placing your favourite pillow in another room or switching out your decor. Many people do this seasonally, but you can shift it anytime your energy becomes stagnant. (It’s also the perfect time to dust, but that’s up to you.)

The magic number is 27. Can you find and move 27 items throughout your home?

3. Step away from the device

Can you set your phone down and walk out of the room, without becoming anxious or panic-filled? I know I struggle with this. Many of us use our phones for work, so being without it is not always practical. But, in this case, you know where it is. It’s not lost somewhere.

If you feel anxiety about not having it to hold on to, you may have a dependency issue. Try to “unplug” for five-minute intervals, increasing when you feel comfortable.

And it’s okay to drink your coffee or tea before you check your phone in the morning. The world will wait.

4. Free your inner child

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There is a reason the recent publication boom for adult colouring books has been so successful. Focusing on your colour choice, filling in tiny sections, and not paying attention to the thoughts flowing through your mind is a form of meditation.

Painting, drawing, knitting and crocheting also allow your brain to “shut off” and can have the same effect.

What creative activity can you add to your day, even for five minutes?

5. Tweet! Two minutes for checking — your makeup

No one said you had to be all things to all people all the time. When the world and its expectations of you become too much, schedule a timeout. Choose a quiet place where you can actually close the door (a lock is a bonus).

Make this a rule with everyone who shares your space:

When you are in timeout, even for five minutes, no one can talk to you unless the world is ending — again.

Think about your personal spaces. Where can you create your sanctuary?

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6. CNN is not your friend

Updates every hour feed the panic response, elevate fear, increase anxiety and heighten your adrenal response. Limiting your exposure, seeking news outlets that specialize in well-rounded reporting, or walking away from the news feeds altogether can help.

When you find yourself weighed down by the sheer volume of information, try disconnecting for a week. Let the adrenaline deplete and your body rest. If you must keep up to date on world events, wait until after breakfast, and your mind and body will thank you if you avoid watching the news right before going to bed.

After a week without the constant chatter, how did your outlook improve?

7. Be selfish (without the guilt)

Self-care is the most important way to increase personal happiness and contentment. If you have ever flown, you know the drill — you can’t help someone else if you can’t breathe. It is not selfish to take care of yourself; it is vital to your own well-being and the positive impact you can have on those around you.

For some, a massage makes all the difference. For others, the perfect nail polish or haircut. Even taking time to call a family member or chat with a friend can lift your energy. Busy days may limit your chances of getting into the shower to wash away the stresses of the day.

What little things make you feel cared for?

Remember that journal you started? Fill it up with all the wonderful things that made your day great and let go of the rest.

Need help with old energy, try this:

Here is a simple visualization technique you can try while standing in front of the kitchen sink, the office photocopier, or waiting for the elevator:

Picture water flowing over your body, picking up the negative emotions of the day, washing them down the drain and returning the energy to the earth. (If flowing water has a different trigger for you, use white light in its place.)

You did it!

Taking just five minutes at a time, you created a sense of calm in simple, manageable segments you can use anywhere. Continue looking for the little things that bring joy to your day. Find the balance that supports your energy so you have more to give to those you love and care for. And let go of the guilt and the feeling that you can’t put yourself first.

Bonus Tip:

Many people have tried and said they can’t meditate, that their mind won’t stop.

Here is a simpler method.

Sit somewhere quiet and close your eyes (do not try this while driving).

Focus your attention on the way you breathe. That’s it. Only your lungs as you inhale and exhale for four cycles. Open your eyes and go about your day. There. You did it. Meditation is not about making your brain quiet. It is about only doing one thing at a time and letting everything else, including your thoughts, flow around you.

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